Episode 214: Mental wellness for black women

For today’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne welcome Dr. Aminata Cisse MD, a board-certified psychiatrist and the founder of Am Taar Wellness, which focuses on holistic healing and traditional psychiatric care specifically for Black women and women of color. They begin the conversation by discussing Dr. Cisse’s path to pursuing a career as a psychiatrist (39:25) as well as the state of psychiatric medicine in terms of serving diverse populations (45:40). In addition to sharing strategies for families helping loved ones with mental health challenges (50:20), Dr. Cisse provides insight into the unique struggles that professional women of color face in their pursuit of mental wellness (54:55) and coping strategies to combat racial trauma (1:05:00). They close the episode by discussing Dr. Cisse’s motivation for founding Am Taar Wellness and her spring mental wellness summit.

Other Topics Include:

4:10 - Oh Lawd News

36:45 - Introduction of the Today’s Topic

39:25 - Learn more about Dr. Aminata Cisse, MD

1:16:20 - Tyrell and Daphne reflect on the interview


  • Dr. Cisse’s Website - https://ayc-psychiatry.com | Instagram - @dr.amicisse

  • Am Taar Wellness - https://www.amtaarwellness.com/

  • BEYOND 'LOVE JONES': Black Women Learning to Love - https://beyondlovejones.splashthat.com

  • BhD Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/bhdpodcast

  • The Dark Side of Reform- https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781793643759/The-Dark-Side-of-Reform-Exploring-the-Impact-of-Public-Policy-on-Racial-Equity

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