Episode 187: Critical race theory w/ Dr. Daren Graves

For today’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne welcome Dr. Daren Graves, an Associate Professor of Education and Social Work at Simmons University and Adjunct Lecturer of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. They begin the episode by learning more about Dr. Graves and his path to pursuing a career in academia (3:35). They also discuss the political controversy surrounding critical race theory—including myths, misconceptions, and major tenets (22:15)—as well as the recent decision to institutionalize Juneteenth as a federal holiday (34:00). They close the episode by having a conversation about his recent book, Schooling for Critical Consciousness (37:45), and his work as the co-Chair of the AERA Hip Hop Theories, Praxis & Pedagogies Special Interest Group (49:35).

Other Topics Include:

00:30 - Catch up with Ty and Daphne

08:05 - The power of educational advocacy

53:00 - Ty and Daphne Reflect on the Interview


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