Episode 177: The Black Thought Exchange

For this week’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne discuss the latest news and events. The hosts begin by catching up on life (00:30) and sharing “Oh Lawd” news (4:46). The hosts then introduce their Clubhouse club—The Black Thought Exchange (19:20) and share a recent conversation about UNC’s decision to deny Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure (22:35). During the conversation, they also discuss how politics are shaping higher education (29:32), approaches to teaching about race in the current climate (32:50), whether tenure offers protection (36:30), how racial identity shapes their instructional practice (43:30), and how gender and gender presentation impact their experiences (49:00). They close the conversation by discussing what it means to be authentic (58:40)as well as their thoughts on the Joe Budden podcast controversy (1:24:15).


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