Episode 161: #BlackTransLivesMatter w/ Diamond Stylz

For today’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne welcome Diamond Stylz, the producer and creator of Marsha’s Plate Podcast and the Executive Director of Black Transwomen Inc—a national non-profit led by Black trans women and focused on social advocacy, positive visibility, and leadership among Black trans activists and allies. During the episode, they discuss her journey to becoming an advocate for Black trans women (23:40), her thoughts on children and teenagers transitioning (32:25), the do’s and don’ts of discussing gender in the 21st Century (36:54), and the evolution of language around gender (41:10). Next, they have a conversation about the unique experiences of Black trans women in the United States (48:40), the challenges she faces in her efforts to empower Black trans women (53:25), and how the Black community can do right by trans women and men (1:03:05). They close by discussing Black trans representation in the media, including transphobic “comedy” (1:13:10), positive visibility of trans women in the media (1:21:45), and the motivation behind Marsha’s Plate podcast (1:27:00).

Other Topics Include:

00:30 - Catch up with Ty and Daphne

5:15 - BhD “Oh Lawd” News

19:45 - Introduction of Today’s Topic

1:09:10 - How to Make Amends for Past Harms Against

1:33:30 - Ways to Support the Trans Community

1:40:50 - Ty and Daphne Reflect on the Interview


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