Episode 157: Race and Racism in Online Spaces

For today’s episode, we examine the internet as a racialized space by interviewing Dr. Apryl Williams—an assistant professor in the Department of Communication & Media and the Digital Studies Institute at the University of Michigan. During our conversation, we discuss her motivation for researching race in online spaces (07:49), the importance of exploring race relations on the internet (9:10), the process of conducting research in non-traditional spaces (11:00), and academic reception to digital sociology (13:35). Next we have a discussion about the internet as a racialized space (15:35), racial battle fatigue in the digital era (18:30), and her research on Black twitter and How to Get Away with Murder (22:06). We close the episode by exploring her recent work on racial bias and discrimination in online dating (29:05), her article on the sociology of selfies (38:25), and her study on mobile technologies in the Democratic Republic of Congo (43:00).

Other Topics Include

00:30 - Catch up with Tyrell and Daphne

01:30 - The Hosts Reflect on Race and Technology

06:54 - Introduction of Dr. Apryl Williams

07:49 - Learn More about Dr. Williams

50:45 - Algorithmic Bias in Online Dating

58:26 - Ty and Daphne Reflect on the Interview


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