Episode 153: Crimmigration

For years, immigration has been at the forefront of policy discussions and political debates. For today’s episode, we explore the criminalization of immigration policy by interviewing Dr. Felicia Arriaga, a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sociology in the criminology concentration at Appalachian State University. We begin the interview by discussing Dr. Arriaga’s work as a publicly engaged sociologist (32:15). We then have a conversation about the South as a new immigrant destination (39:02), the criminalization of immigration (45:13), and whether or not there is a link between immigration and crime (51:45). Next, we explore the role of local law enforcement agencies in the criminalization of immigration (55:45), the tension between cost and effectiveness of local initiatives (1:03:20), how crimmigration impacts individuals and families (1:07:55), and immigrants’ perceptions of law enforcement (1:16:56). We close the interview by discussing policy solutions and recommendations to address the harms caused by the criminalization of immigration (1:19:35) and resources to gain more insight into the politics of immigration policy in the United States (1:29:06).

Other Topics Include:

5:35 - BhD “Oh Lawd” news

29:00 - introduction of the topic

32:15 - Learn more about Dr. Felicia Arriaga

1:37:00 - How to Connect with Dr. Felicia Arriaga


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