Episode 148: Election Reflection

For today’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne discuss the 2020 election. They begin the episode by reflecting on the unfolding results (00:30), sharing their thoughts on what it will take for Biden to win (6:15), and discussing how the changing demography of the South is shaping voting trends (9:00). The host then have a conversation about voter suppression during the 2020 election (11:20) and whether or not mail-in voting was the best strategy for Democrats (13:30). Next, they reflect back on the 2016 election (19:38), discuss Senate races (22:26), and share how they are managing anxiety while awaiting results (24:00). Ty and Daphne close the episode by discussing the NJ marijuana ballot initiative (28:54) and what this election means for the future (32:03).


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