Episode 146: Race & Politics of the Census

For today’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne welcome Dr. Debra Thompson, an Associate Professor of Political Science at McGill University. During the interview, they discuss transnationalism and the comparative politics of race. They begin the discussion by exploring Dr. Thompson’s interest in transnationalism (42:45) and her experiences as a Black Canadian with deep roots in the United States (43:03). They then have a conversation about the Black experience in Canada versus the United States (46:00), brotherhood and sisterhood across borders (51:37), the global appeal of the Black Lives Matter movement (55:18), and connections/fissures in the Diaspora (1:04:52). They close the interview by discussing her book, The Schematic State: Race, Transnationalism and the Politics of the Census. Specifically, they discuss the evolution and importance of the census as a race making instrument (1:12:00), the role of the census in shaping policy (1:19:15), and the future of the census (1:21:20).

Other Topics Include

00:30 - Catch Up with Tyrell and Daphne

05:25 - BhD “Oh Lawd” News

38:35 - Introduction of the Topic

41:40- Learn More About Dr. Debra Thompson

1:31:30 - Tyrell and Daphne Reflect on the Interview


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