Episode 144: Karma-19

For this week’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne discuss the latest news and events. After catching up on life, the host discuss “Oh Lawd” news (8:20), including digital Black face from a University of New Hampshire professor (8:48), a case of watching your grandson while Latinx (12:20), a racially-motivated swatting prank (14:26), and brain-eating amoebas in TX (17:10). The hosts then turn their attention to politics. Specifically, they have a conversation about the presidential debate (21:46), voting methods for the 2020 election (29:32), Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis (31:51), public reaction to Trump’s health scare (41:40), and what would happen politically if Trump wasn’t able to move forward with the election (49:30). They close the episode by discussing Breonna Taylor (55:20) and COVID-19 updates (1:00:12).


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