Episode 138: Dating Standards That Speak

For today’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne are joined by Jantae Rashaun to discuss her book, Dating Standards that Speak: 10 Dating Habits to Take You From Single to Sought After. They begin by discussing her motivation for writing the book (01:56), myths and misconceptions about finding a good mate (3:24), and the importance of self-work before dating (6:05). They then have a conversation about the difference between standards and habits (7:30) and things for women to consider in dating and relationships (8:23). Next they discuss the difference between wants and needs in finding a mate (11:10), non-negotiables in relationships and dating (13:19), what fellas can do to build better relationships (16:30), and Jantae’s upcoming projects (20:55). Tyrell and Daphne close the episode by reflecting on the interview (23:35) and offering their own dating/marriage advice (26:17).


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