Episode 136: Community Organizing

For this episode, Tyrell and Daphne are joined by Augustus Wood, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Professor at the University of Illinois. His research focuses on 20th Century African American Urban History with a specialization in race, political economy, social movements, and gentrification. They begin the episode by learning more about his educational journey and the motivation behind his research interests (01:27). They then discuss his perspective on the recent uprisings in Atlanta (06:35) and his research on the relationship between policing and gentrification (12:35). Next, they have a conversation about how he balances academia and activism (17:50), how scholars can become engaged in the community (23:15), and the importance of unions and unionization (29:45). They also explore his work as a community activist (38:11), provide insight into how YOU can become engaged in your community (44:26), and discuss resources to build your social organizing journey (56:33). Ty and Daphne close the episode by reflecting on the interview (1:10:05).


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