Episode 132: Entanglement

For this week’s episode, Ty and Daphne discuss the latest news and events. After catching up on life, the host discuss “Oh Lawd” news (8:10), including GOP voter fraud (8:8:40), slow Democratic voter registration (10:09), charges against the Central Park birdwatcher (13:33), Minneapolis police officers’ PTSD claims (20:30), Halle Berry’s controversial role (22:50), and a BLM hate crime update (25:05). The hosts also have a conversation about COVID-19 updates, including California’s rush to release 8,000 incarcerated individuals (28:40), Gov. Greg Abbott’s threat to shut down Texas (30:27), the debate over school reopening (33:13), growing concerns over reduced unemployment benefits beginning in August (36:17), the potential long-term consequences of COVID-19 (41:36), and a FDA warning about contaminated hand sanitizer (46:56). They close the episode by discussing pop culture and entertainment, including Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk (48:40), the new Batwoman (56:40), Patrick Mohan’s deal with the Kansas City Chiefs (57:32), and the upcoming NBA season (1:04:05).


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