Episode 131: Pandering & Politics

For this week’s episode, Ty and Daphne discuss the latest news and events. After catching up on life, the host discuss “Oh Lawd” news (08:15), including Florida State University’s new remote work policy (08:39), a Spokane citizen’s arrest (10:50), deputizing citizens (14:25), a Black militia in Georgia (15:35), and the latest Shaun King controversy (18:08). The hosts then turn their attention to politics and discuss Trump’s campaign ad about defunding the police (21:05), his Mt. Rushmore speech (24:20), the 43 (Bush) Alumni for Biden (28:45), and the fracturing of U.S. politics (32:05). The hosts also have a conversation about COVID-19 updates, including Walmart’s response to the pandemic (35:30), international border closures (40:14), and the importance of remaining safe (42:40). Ty and Daphne close the episode by discussing pop culture and entertainment, including Kanye’s presidential announcement (46:12), Beyonce’s Black is King (48:33), the NFL’s latest response to racial injustice (51:33), Terry Crew’s recent comments (53:30), Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina (58:15), NYTs I can’t breathe study (1:02:57), and Kellyanne Conway’s family drama (1:04:35).


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