Episode 124: You Ain't Black...

For this week’s episode, Ty and Daphne discuss the latest news and events. After catching up on life, they introduce the Most Dangerous Person (MDP) of the week (4:46). The host then discuss “Oh Lawd” news (6:44), including a bombshell about Roe v. Wade (7:05), a Georgia Supreme Court decision about an adoption case (10:40), one woman’s struggle to balance work and family (14:15), and the rising incidences of delivering while Black (19:35). Ty and Daphne then turn their attention to the latest COVID-19 news, including new information about modes of transmission (24:00), updated social distancing guidelines for the summer (28:15), and the potential long-term impacts of the virus on the economy (32:58). The hosts then turn their attention to Democratic politics. Specifically, they have a conversation about Joe Biden’s Breakfast Club interview (40:05), the public response to the “ain’t Black” controversy (47:10), and Amy Klobuchar as Biden’s VP pick (55:45). Ty and Daphne close the episode by discussing the University of California’s decision to drop the ACT and SAT as admission requirements (1:00:45).


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