Episode 119: Corona Lovin

In addition to Ty and Daphne’s weekly discussion of the latest news, this week’s episode includes more fun and games. After catching up on life, the hosts discuss “Oh Lawd” news (6:57), including deceased people receiving stimulus checks (7:47), missing stimulus money (9:25), stowaways being thrown overboard due to COVID-19 fears (14:05), recent pushback against shelter-in-place orders (17:30), how the government failed small businesses (20:45), and recent controversial comments from celebrities and politicians (24:45). The hosts also have a conversation about the NY attorney general’s discrimination hotline (29:15), a racist Tik Tok video (31:10), Netflix’s #BlackAF (35:25), pushback against a Biden presidency (44:33), and the Babyface vs. Teddy Riley Instagram battle (55:05). For the last segment of the episode, Ty and Daphne invite their spouses, Krystin and John, to the show. During this segment, Krystin and John discuss life in quarantine (1:04:47) before answering hilarious questions about their partners in the BhD Newlywed Game (1:08:06).


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