Episode 118: Corona Homies Pt. 2

Once again, this week’s episode features a discussion on the latest news as well as fun and games with Ty and Daphne. After catching up on life, the hosts discuss “Oh Lawd” news (7:30), including a bizarre Easter egg hunt (8:00), GOP efforts to reopen businesses and schools (9:50), reduced pollution due to COVID-19 lockdowns (11:55), new regulations on home loans (14:50), and escalating anxiety and violence as the lockdown continues (18:55). They also discuss the toll that COVID-19 is taking on the African American community (21:00), rising discrimination in response to COVID-19 (29:30), new tracking technology related to COVID-19 (31:35), and Bernie Sander’s decision to end his campaign (34:30). For the second half of the episode, Ty and Daphne invite two of their good friends, Ashley Jacobs and Shika Payne, to the show (43:40). During this segment, Ashley and Shika discuss life in quarantine (44:55), share their favorite binge-worthy TV shows (46:52), and play a friendly game of “never have I ever” (53:19).


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