Episode 117: Corona Homies

This week’s episode features a discussion on the latest news as well as fun and games with Ty and Daphne. After catching up on life, the hosts discuss “Oh Lawd” news (7:00), including coronavirus twins (7:27), racist hackers on Zoom (9:00), the USPS financial crisis (11:40), the potential impact of back child support on stimulus checks (15:50), the rise in divorce inquiries during quarantine (19:44), extreme measures to enforce COVID lockdowns overseas (20:40), and rising hate crimes against Asians during the COVID outbreak (22:25). Ty and Daphne then turn to a set of fun and engaging questions aimed at helping listeners to learn more about their interests and backgrounds (27:02). Afterwards, Ty and Daphne welcome two Purdue friends, Dr. Shana Hardy and Dr. Jamel Miller, who provide insight into life during the COVID outbreak (48:40) and play a friendly game of “would you rather” (1:05:05).


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