Episode 106: All White & All Spice

For this episode, Ty and Daphne discuss recent news and politics. After catching up on life (00:30), the hosts discuss “Oh Lawd” news (7:10), including a Walmart layaway scheme (7:35), a professor making it rain with grant money (10:35), a woman’s dangerous test of faith (12:00), a new development in male birth control (14:00), and a pilot’s shocking airport behavior (16:05). They then turn their attention to the latest Democratic debate. They begin by discussing the lack of diversity on the debate stage (18:50), whether or not Steyer entered the race too late (21:35), the remaining candidates’ engagement with racial issues (24:45), and the business of running for office (28:05). Ty and Daphne then turn their attention to the Warren and Sanders controversy and discuss how identity shapes electoral politics (30:50). The hosts also have a conversation about whether they prefer “perfection” or growth in a political candidate (36:45), the “Never Warren” hashtag (42:35), and the tendency for some people to become emotionally invested in political candidates (46:02). The hosts close the episode by discussing Black political attitudes (53:35), Biden’s popularity among Black voters (56:11), whether the upcoming caucuses represent the Black voice (1:03:30), Hillary Clinton’s political missteps (1:08:45) and important points to consider when choosing between candidates (1:12:10).


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