Episode 104: Environmental Injustice

Climate change was a major topic of discussion during the December 2019 Democratic debate. Given its importance to public policy and its impact on the Black community, Ty and Daphne decided to dedicate an episode to addressing questions and misconceptions about climate change and global warming. The host begin the episode by defining climate change and how it differs from global warming (3:20). They then discuss factors that have contributed to global warming over time (5:00) and the potentially dangerous effects of climate change (10:50). Ty and Daphne then have a conversation about how climate change impacts disadvantaged communities and contributes to environmental racism and injustice (22:35) as well as the potential health implications of climate related disasters (33:40). They then turn their attention to how money shapes the politics of climate policy (36:20), where various Democratic candidates stand on different solutions to climate change (40:05), and key provisions of the Green New Deal (48:45). They close by discussing what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint (53:05) as well as how those changes can save you money (1:00:40).


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