Episode 102: Tis The Season

For the Christmas Day episode, Ty and Daphne discuss recent news and politics. After catching up on life (00:30), the hosts discuss “Oh Lawd” news (03:30), including a California teacher’s desire to “bring back slavery” (4:00), the U.S. government listing Wakanda as a trade partner (5:30), the truth about GOP voter suppression (6:45), the recent Facebook data leak (8:30), an eight-year-old Youtube millionaire (10:50), a teen girl staging her own kidnapping (14:28), and Kim Kardashian’s latest magazine cover (18:00). They then turn their attention to the latest Democratic debate (24:54). The hosts begin by discussing their overall impressions of the smaller Democratic field (25:25). Ty and Daphne then have a conversation about the latest attacks on Pete Buttigieg (26:47), Joe Biden’s performance (30:05), Yang and the lack of diversity among the remaining Democratic candidates (31:27), and Bernie Sander’s reluctance to discuss race (33:00). Remaining on the topic of politics, the hosts spend time discussing the impeachment (38:10) and Nancy Pelosi’s rationale for not sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate (40:40). Ty and Daphne close by discussing the New York Time’s investigation into smartphone tracking (44:15) as well as a recent report on the decline in college enrollment (50:25).


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