Episode 100: Keep it a Buck

Today, Ty and Daphne celebrate the 100th episode of the Black and Highly Dangerous Podcast. The hosts begin by discussing “Oh Lawd” and political news (2:00), including George Zimmerman’s lawsuit against Trayvon Martin’s family (2:36), the link between chemical hair straighteners and cancer (6:15), Corey Booker’s new legislation on natural hair discrimination (9:38), Corey Booker’s HBCU plan (13:35), Nikki Haley’s confederate flag comments (18:05), Kamala Harris’ decision to leave the Democratic race (19:40), the FBI’s warning about your smart TV (25:19), and the NYPD’s continuing race problem (31:30). In addition to discussing the latest in news and politics, the host also spend time reflecting on BhD’s mission and overall purpose (40:10), discussing their favorite episodes and most memorable guests over the past 100 episodes (47:45), sharing insight into life behind the microphone and their personal journeys with producing the podcast (1:00:25), and providing a preview of what’s in store for the next 100 episodes (1:14:20).


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