Episode 94: Dreams or Nightmares

For this episode, Ty and Daphne discuss recent news and events. They begin by catching up (00:30) and discussing “Oh Lawd” news—including phone addicted parents (5:24), counterfeit and expired products on Amazon (9:02), a Japanese rapper’s journey to Cleveland (12:38), a MA law that would criminalize the use of the B-word (15:00), and an extreme haunted house in Tennessee (17:00). Ty and Daphne then turn their attention to politics and discuss the recent criminal justice reform plans released by Democratic presidential hopefuls (26:14). Specifically, they discuss marijuana legalization through executive action (27:22) and Bernie Sander’s marijuana reinvestment plan (31:32). Ty and Daphne also have a conversation about their own political priorities (37:33), the major Democratic platforms (41:26), and approaches to addressing the opioid crisis (47:26).

Other Topics Include:

54:05 - The Tank Sexuality Debate

58:45 - Rikers Island Closure and Borough-Based Jail Plan

1:01:00 - HBO’s Watchmen

1:02:30 - BhD Blog


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