Episode 89: Mo Money, Mo Problems

For this episode, Ty and Daphne discuss recent news, events, and politics. After catching up on life (00:30), the hosts discuss Malik Yoba’s decision to break his silence on being attracted to trans women (7:11) as well as recent sexual misconduct allegations against the actor (11:25). They also give their reaction to Malik Yoba’s Breakfast Club interview (13:55), discuss important issues raised by the LGBTQI advocates on the show (17:40), and highlight potential unanswered questions from the interview (21:10). They then turn their attention to politics. Specifically, they discuss the recent Democratic debate (29:15), diversity in the field and overall impressions of the Democratic candidates (31:32), whether or not they learned anything new (37:24), and their thoughts on Bernie Sanders (41:00). Ty and Daphne then have a conversation about the activist debate between Shaun King and DeRay Mckesson (47:25); they discuss their impressions of the beef (49:50), share personal experiences working with one of the activists (52:10), and discuss the importance of diversifying social justice movements (58:48). They close by discussing Dr. Brittney Coopers comments on obesity among black women (1:02:29) and “Oh Lawd” news (1:12:30).


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