Episode 83: White Kid Bright

For this episode, Ty and Daphne discuss recent news and events. They begin by catching up (00:30) and discussing “Oh Lawd” news (3:30)—including an open house gone wrong (4:00), a “disappointing” plantation tour (7:20), Izzy Azalea’s comments on cultural appropriation (10:35), Joe Biden’s controversial remarks (14:08), and the NCAA’s “Rich Paul Rule” (17:18). They then have a conversation about a shooting scare at Walmart (23:15), the corporate and political response to recent mass shootings (25:31), gun control in the United States (29:05), and the relationship between racial resentment and gun policy preferences (32:20). They close the episode by discussing immigration. Specifically, they have a conversation about the Mississippi ICE raids (38:00), ICE’s shocking response to the backlash (40:30), the militarization of ICE (41:30), the lack of accountability for Mississippi business owners (42:40), an unfortunate ending to a deportation (46:52), and how the fear of ICE is impacting Latino immigrant communities (52:36).


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