Episode 82: All Up In The Kool-Aid

For this episode, Ty and Daphne discuss recent news and the second Democratic debate. They begin by catching up (00:30) and discussing “Oh Lawd” news (9:30)—including the Lollapalooza stampede (10:00), updates to the Equifax settlement (12:00), an unusual string of burglaries in NY (13:50), Reagan’s racist comments (15:40), and a school-yard dodgeball arrest (19:40). Ty and Daphne then discuss the rise in domestic terrorism and mass shootings in the Trump era (24:00). The hosts then have a conversation about politics and the second Democratic debate. In addition to sharing their overall impressions and discussing key debate highlights (35:50), they discuss how racial dynamics are shaping interactions between candidates (37:50), Biden’s presidential run (39:40), attacks on Obama’s record (41:25), what candidates can realistically accomplish in the first term (44:45), Biden’s continued lead in the polls (47:49), and the tactics candidates use to avoid answering tough questions (51:41). Ty and Daphne close by fact-checking debate claims, including Gillibrand’s statements about Biden’s 1981 op-ed (57:42) and Tulsi Gabbard’s attack on Kamala Harris’ criminal justice record (1:02:27).


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