Episode 81: Debate 2 Pregame Report

For this episode, Ty and Daphne discuss recent events, news, and politics. They begin by catching up (00:30) and discussing “Oh Lawd” news (3:00)—including how anti-immigration efforts are impacting US citizens (3:28), police misconduct at an HBCU (9:00), a 66-year-old public official’s Tupac obsession (12:41), continued anti-black hiring discrimination in the US (15:20), the Equifax data breach settlement (18:45), and zombie chicken (22:00). After discussing Meek Mill’s overturned conviction (25:45) and updates to A$AP Rocky’s case (25:54), Ty and Daphne turn their attention to politics. First, they discuss key takeaways from the Mueller hearings (28:30), past and future issues with election interference (31:42), and the partisan fight over election security (37:24). They then have a conversation about the lineup and key issues for the second Democratic primary debate (39:05). Specifically, they discuss Warren’s recent legislation on student loan forgiveness (40:30), Bernie’s ’Medicare for All’ versus Biden’s ‘Public Option’ proposals (41:58), and Kamala Harris’ black higher education and entrepreneurship agenda (50:00). They close by discussing what to expect from Biden, Harris, and Booker during the second debate (57:45) and who qualifies for the fall debate stage* (1:01:20).


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