Episode 67: Sippin Tea w/ BhD Vol. 7

In this episode, Ty and Daphne use a critical lens to discuss current news and events related to politics, entertainment, and sports. After briefly catching up (00:30), the hosts begin the conversation by highlighting key findings in the 448-page Mueller report (7:40), discussing the potential for election interference in 2020 (17:00), and providing insight into the implications of recent anti-abortion laws (23:00). After discussing real world politics, they turn their attention to an on-screen battle for power by discussing the season premiere of Game of Thrones (32:20). Additionally, they provide their own interpretations of Jordan Peele’s Us (40:38) and give their thoughts on Beyonce’s Homecoming (49:45). They close the episode by having a conversation about race and Tiger Woods’ Masters victory (1:05:20).


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