Episode 55: "Giggly Strip Searches, Melanin Injections, & 2020 Vision" - Current Event

For this episode, Ty and Daphne discuss current events, news, and the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. They begin by catching up (00:30) and discussing “Oh Lawd” news (5:45), including a disturbing strip search at a Binghamton school (9:15), an update on the AZ sexual assault case (12:49), the government shutdown (15:20), and a “transracial” woman who’s convinced that she’ll give birth to a Black child (20:10). Ty and Daphne then turn their conversation to the Democratic presidential contenders (23:05). After providing a brief overview of the candidates (24:40), they discuss the polarizing reaction to Senator Kamala Harris’s announcement (28:20), her criminal justice record (30:00), how race might factor into the black vote (36:28), how race shapes political strategies and agendas (41:30), and their thoughts on the other presidential hopefuls (52:15).


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