Episode 53: High Teachers, AirPod Creepin & Mixed Marriages - Current Events w/ BhD

For this episode, Ty and Daphne discuss current events, news, and interracial dating. They begin by catching up (00:30) and discussing “Oh Lawd” news (6:55), including a special education teacher bringing a “special” treat to school (14:40), a 79-year-old man’s bad “customer service” experience (17:00), backdoor adoption (19:05), and the AirPods eavesdropping feature (26:00). Ty and Daphne then have a conversation about the interracial relationships and marriage in the black community (35:52). Specifically, they discuss Cyn Santana’s controversial comments (36:00), rates of interracial marriage across groups (40:45), myths regarding the black marriage crisis (45:56), and the importance of being critical of statistics (52:30).


The Rights of Unmarried Fathers - https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubpdfs/putative.pdf

Putative Father Registries - https://adoptionart.org/adoption/birth-expectant-parents/putative-father-registries/

Myth-Busting the Black Marriage ‘Crisis’ - https://www.theroot.com/myth-busting-the-black-marriage-crisis-1790865391

Key facts about race and marriage, 50 years after Loving v. Virginia - https://www.theroot.com/myth-busting-the-black-marriage-crisis-1790865391

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