Episode 46: "Sippin Tea w/ BhD- Vol. 4"- A Conversation w/ Dr. Hardy

For today’s episode, Ty and Daphne welcome a special guest, Dr. Shana Hardy, a Pharmacology/ Toxicology Reviewer at FDA. Together we discuss Shana’s background, pop culture, politics, and current events. After catching up with Ty and Daphne (00:30), we learn more about Shana, her work with the FDA* (7:48), and the implications of her work for public health (9:54). We then have a conversation about her research on cancer metastasis (13:10), the relationship between lifestyle and cancer diagnosis (20:48), cancer prognosis and treatment (23:17), racial disparities regarding cancer diagnosis and prognosis (32:24), and racial disparities in STEM fields (43:56). We then discuss current events, including Becoming Michelle Obama (52:08), the death of the Sentinel Island missionary (58:18), and the California wildfires (1:03:20). We then focus our attention on popular culture by discussing the Trap Music Museum (1:06:20) and the live action Lion King (1:14:05). We close by discussing economic predictions related to Trump’s economy (1:18:30) and a potential income tax surprise in 2019 (1:20:30).

*The views expressed in this conversation are not to be interpreted as the views of the FDA and must not be taken to provide official policy or guidance on behalf of the FDA.


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