Episode 29: "Sippin Tea With BhD" - A Conversation About Current Events

In this episode, Ty and Daphne use a critical lens to discuss current news and events related to entertainment, politics, and social justice. We begin the conversation by focusing the latest news in popular culture, including top movies for the end of 2018 and 2019 (6:15), whether the Tekashi69 incident was a publicity stunt (10:19), CthaGod rape allegations (15:34), the fine line between funny and offensive in comedy (23:44), and the recent casting shake up on Real Housewives of Atlanta (31:07). We then focus our attention on politics by discussing Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who is America show (35:48), Trump/Russia collusion (41:53), notable candidates for the midterm elections (46:27), and recent voter suppression efforts (56:37). We then discuss recent injustices in United States, including the Nia Wilson case (1:06:18), how Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is becoming a license to kill Black Americans (1:09:55), and MGM Resorts suing Las Vegas shooting victims (1:13:30). We close on a high note by discussing recent research highlighting the success of Black men in America (1:17:57).

Other Topics Include:

0:30 - Catch Up with Ty and Daphne

29:35 - Shuri Black Panther Comic Book

52:45 - Political Rap Controversy involving SUNY New Paltz professor

59:05 - The Vegan Movement: Lifestyle versus Fad

1:11:17 - Uber Driver Fraud

1:15:44 - Person to Person Car Sharing


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