Episode 24: "You Better Preach!" - A Conversation About Religion and the Black Community w

The black Christian church has long been a cornerstone of African-American family life, political activism, and social change. However, in recent years, some social activists have called into question the relevance of the black Christian church in the lives of millennials and the continuing fight for freedom. Today, we tackle this topic by interviewing Dr. William David Hart, a professor at Macalester College whose work examines the intersection of religion, ethics, and politics. During this conversation we discuss the historical and contemporary role of the church in the black community (20:11), myths and misconceptions about Black religion (23:28), the rise of alternative religious practices within the Black community (25:21), and myths and misconceptions about atheism (34:50). We then discuss the relationship between the Black church and the Black family (40:05), the link between religion and politics (45:30), and the future of the church in the Black community and ongoing freedom movement (53:20).

Other Topics Include:

00:30 - Catch up with Ty and Daphne

03:50 - BhD “Oh Lawd” News Segment

17:43 - Introduction of the Topic

18:50 - Learn more about Dr. William D. Hart

30:25 - Trends in Religious Life and Practice

32:30 - Dr. Hart’s Personal Religious Journey

57:55 - The Black Church, Gender, and Sexuality

1:01:36 - Ty and Daphne reflect on the interview



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