Episode 19: "This is America" - A Conversation About Gun Control & Policy

In the past 5 months, more U.S. students have been killed in school shootings than U.S. military personnel serving in combat operations. Following each devastating mass shooting, victims and survivors are offered thoughts and prayers. BhD wants to go beyond thoughts and prayers and discuss how we reached this point in regard to gun violence and the barriers to making change to our system. We begin by discussing our own experiences with guns (16:00), the right to bear arms (20:45), and how guns have changed over time (23:25). We then discuss the history of the NRA (25:15), its connection to the Black Panther Party (28:40), and the rise of gun ownership among black Americans (33:00). We then provide a snapshot of gun ownership and policy in America (35:00), the myths about between guns and safety/crime (44:46), mass shootings (54:00) and the impact of gun violence on women and children (1:04:35). We close by discussing what works and what doesn’t work in regard to gun reform, such as background checks (1:09:05), gun buyback programs (1:17:40), banning semi-automatic and automatic weapons (1:20:14), stricter gun registration (1:22:50), and regulating the sell of guns (1:25:00).

Other Topics Include:

00:30 - Catch up with Ty and Daphne

02:53 - BhD “Oh Lawd” News Segment

37:45 - Politics of and beliefs about gun reform

40:20 - Background checks for buying guns

48:20 - Can good guys with guns really stop bad guys with guns?

51:50 - The link between guns and crime.

54:00 - The prevalence of mass school shootings

56:00 - Barriers to assessing the prevalence of gun violence

58:00 - The link between guns and the suicide rates

1:01:39 - Can gun reform reduce violent crime rates

1:29:00 - Gun Reform in the UK



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