Episode 14: "Do Ya Love Me Mary Jane"- A Conversation About Marijuana and Society

In recent years, marijuana has been the subject of much debate as states across the country consider decriminalizing and/or legalizing the drug for recreational use. In today’s episode, we discuss the history of marijuana in the United States (20:25) and the roles of race and money in the rise of marijuana drug laws (21:45). We also address the question of whether marijuana is a gateway drug (27:00) and how it compares to other drugs, such as alcohol, tobacco, and opioids (32:46). We then discuss the billion dollar business of marijuana (40:05), race and the corporatization and monopolization of marijuana (45:40), and the rules and repercussions of smoking weed in the era of legalization (58:40). We close by discussing the potential unintended consequences, myths, and realities of marijuana usage and legalization in the United States (1:02:25).

Other Topics

00:30 - Catch up with Ty and Daphne

02:10 - BhD “Oh Lawd” News

07:02 - 4-20 Game: Top 10 Professions that Smoke Weed

15:53 - Classic “Friday" Clips

18:40 - Introduction of the Topic

29:18 - Race, The War on Drugs, and Punitive Approaches to Marijuana Drug Usage

52:30 - Is medicinal marijuana the answer to the opioid crisis?

55:55 - Is there a link between marijuana and crime?



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