Episode 10: "I Aint Crazy?!" - A Conversation About Mental Health w/ Dr. Shavonne Moore

Often perceived as a “white” issue or a problem best handled by the church, mental health is a subject that has historically been absent from the public discourse in the black community. In this interview with Dr. Shavonne Moore, licensed psychologist and Director of Clinical Training at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology - DC Campus, we attempt to de-stigmatize mental health problems and shed light on the importance of improving mental wellbeing in the black community. Specifically, we define mental health (10:30) and address the state of mental health in the black community (12:15). We also discuss how to maintain a mentally healthy lifestyle (15:06), generational differences in mental health treatment (27:03), the role of technology in making mental health care more accessible (31:34), religion, spirituality, and mental health treatment (36:55), strategies for dealing with stress and mental health (43:30), how to cope with loss and grief (47:10), and the importance of fit between the therapist and client (58:55).

Other Topics Include:

00:30 - Catch up with Ty and Daphne

08:20 - Learn more about Dr. Moore’s background

18:24 - The fear and stigma associated with seeking help

21:09 - What does a therapy session look like?

25:08 - Resources for people without access to health care or insurance

54:30 - How to find a mental health professional

1:03:15- Ty and Daphne reflect on the interview


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