Episode 06: "Wakanda Forever" - A Conversation About Black Panther

Since its premiere, Black Panther has been the hot topic of conversations in living rooms and on social media. The highly anticipated film shattered records by bringing in more than $400M world-wide during its opening weekend, exceeded many people’s superhero movie expectations, and sparked debates about the social and political messages embedded in the movie. Today, we discuss our reactions to Black Panther and whether it lived up to our expectations (4:10). We also respond to controversial opinions about the movie (12:30), such as whether Black Americans were stereotyped and vilified in the movie (19:15) and whether the movie promoted passive resistance instead of revolutionary change (26:03). We also discuss some of the major themes in the movie that emerged around the relationship between African Americans and Africans (34:35), learning from the mistakes of our elders (44:05), recreating Wakanda in America (54:50), and protecting home and tradition without stifling progress (1:03:24).

Other Topics Include:

16:15 - Did Michael B. Jordan (Killmonger) Steal the Show?

31:10 - Similarities between Killmonger and Nakia (Comic Book Discussion)

52:05 - Representation of Women in the Movie

1:10:46 - The Reproduction of “Killmongers” in real life America

1:18:54 - The Importance of Preparing for White Backlash following Black Racial Progress

1:22:10 - How do we Build on the Momentum of Black Panther to Create Real Change?


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