Episode 01: Black and Blue- Pt. 1 A Conversation About Police

In this episode, we draw on academic research, recent events, and personal experiences to provide insight into the current state of policing. Tyrell and Daphne begin by discussing their own personal experiences with policing (3:00). They also talk about the various factors that contribute to negative citizen-police interactions, such the abuse of power (17:30), fear and perceived threat (21:30), and racism and implicit bias (29:00). Ty and Daphne then provide their perspective on the community response to police violence (44:30), the strengths and limitations of protesting (46:20), and why some communities riot in response to injustice (49:50). They close by discussing possible approaches to changing the system, including more effective police training (55:40), diversifying the police force (59:00), and increasing participation in local elections (1:02:00).

Other topics include:

17:30: Stanford Prison Experiment and the Power of the Badge

34:54 - History of Racial Profiling (From Slave Patrols to Racial Profiling)

39:20 - Racism and Policing in Ferguson

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