Episode 00: Welcome to Black and Highly Dangerous!

The Black and Highly Dangerous (BhD) Podcast Series has officially launched! Join Tyrell and Daphne as they tackle everyday questions, conversations, and debates through fun and engaging dialogue and interesting interviews with Blackademics. Episode zero is your opportunity to get to know more about Tyrell (2:40) and Daphne (4:20), what it means to be Black and Highly Dangerous (7:15), and the role of BhD in facilitating thought-provoking conversations and meaningful change in the black community by building a bridge between the academy and the people (16:50-25:56).

2:40 - Who is Tyrell?

4:20 - Who is Daphne?

7:15 - What does it mean to be Black and Highly Dangerous?

Other Topics Include:

12:00 - The role of education in reproducing inequality

13:50 - To what extent has the black community progressed?

25:55 - Research and the Black Community

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